Saturday continued.

Pictures in the morning, then fabric shopping at Mitchell's, a late lunch at Dim Sum Garden, Christmas presents hunting, and finally, late night grocery shopping. 

I usually try to avoid going shopping with the kids by myself but when we can go as a family, I love to see them sit together like this. Even if it means constant hair pulling, pushing, and screaming.


Saturday morning before breakfast and getting ready, we got the kids dressed for outside and took some pictures in the freshly fallen snow that's perfect for snowman making. Passing neighbours offered to take a few photos so we were able to get a candid one with all 4 of us as well.


1. A cool piece of furniture for our record player and cd's has now become a practically empty shelf and a new spot for the kids to climb up on.

2. A hand-me-down knitted sweater, gifted tiered skirt by Joe, pink tights by Joe, and gifted winter boots by Joe. A few of my favourite pieces in Milan's closet. Note: she has been wearing that skirt (size 1) for almost two years now.  

3. Julien's new favourite spot. He can sit there and be entertained for hours as Milan plays around him.


When James comes home from work, oh boy, do they get clingy.


Still love Photo Booth for spontaneous photos with the kids. Too bad most of them are taken during the day when James isn't home.


Climbing stairs, "ba-ba-ba-ba-ma-ma-ma-da-da-da", sticky fingers, cruising furniture, pulling hair, turntable breaker, hungry hippo, squiggly squirmy, Mr. Serious, needs a haircut.
A few Milan quotes we hear often at home:

"I hungee!" When she's hungry.

"BLESS YOUUUU!" When someone sneezes.

"escoo me, baby!" When Julien's in her way.

"oh, boy!" When she hears a coughing fit.

"I wansonnn!" When she sees you eating.

"no dancing! no singing!" When she wants you to stop dancing and singing to her.


tUnE-yArDs concert at the West End Cultural Centre. Whoa. Talented. One of my favourite shows to date (Lenny Kravitz's being the other). I especially loved the intimate venue and down-to-earth performances. She even incorporated the audience's cheering into her looping.  

A couple of unexpected highlights:
  1. A guy yelling to his friend, "How does it sound so GOOD?in the middle of a simple, one stick drum intro, which made everyone laugh including Merrill Garbus.
  2. The Winnipeg Whollop, which is the name she gave the encore cheering followed by synchronized stomping that gradually picked up speed until the band came out for one more song.


This was taken at the second annual Mike Keane Celebrity Hockey Classic. The guys got to play with hockey celeb, Dave Manson. It was a lot of fun and for a good cause. I was able to watch all three of their games. It was fun to watch James play after a two and a half year hiatus.  


This was taken 20 minutes after putting Milan to bed. She randomly woke up, let herself out of her room, and came to the living room where we were.  Then quickly fell asleep on my lap.

Kids can sure make you feel loved.


Trick-Or-Treating Babies.  
Kiddie costume round-up:
  • Milan, a hippo
  • Ezra, a monkey
  • Andi, a pumpkin
  • Julien, peas in a pod

Update: Finally, a picture with Julien in his costume!