St. Vital Centre with Sarah, Sherri, and the 3 kids: we ate, hung out in the kiddie play area, shopped (and actually bought stuff!), ate again, and spent some time in the mother's lounge getting the kids changed and ready to leave.  By the time we were done the music was turned off, stores' lights were off and gates closed, and we were a few of the last people around.  
My highlight: Milan at the Clinique counter.  Milan often watches me do my makeup without being allowed to touch any of it so when a SA offered to put some lipgloss on her, I had to say, "yes".



Deluxe Vermicelli at Viva Restaurant.
Date Night: Mini Donuts and the Warming Huts at The Forks, dinner at Viva Restaurant,
then back home with the kids before their bedtime.


The kids with baby Anders.


Trying to get Julien to play The Ta-Da! Game (where we put our arms up in the air and say/sing the words ta-da!!!!!)
Seeing Julien do little things like clap or throw his arms up in the air and yell is pretty priceless.  So we often play games such as this to encourage it as much as we can before he quickly outgrows the baby stage.


Julien's 1st birthday party.


This week:
The children caught sleeping in funny places: on a pile of fresh laundry, in the exersaucer, and in a high chair.  Note: Julien fell asleep in the exersaucer while watching Tree House TV.  When he woke up, he straightened up and kept on watching.
All bundled up in a men's faux fur hat, a chunky snood, and a down-filled coat.  Temperatures this week lingered around minus forty including windchill.  
Back-story: Milan has been getting up after bedtime, opens her door ever so slightly, and waits in the dark by the door until someone comes to her.  Sometimes she falls asleep on the floor waiting or sneaks out and finds us.  Tonight, we went to her and she used all of her cuteness to buy herself some extra awake time.  She used that time to take some pictures (and dance to M.I.A. and eat dumplings).   


 The kids' room (often referred to as The Green Room)


This week's Date Night consisted of a home-cooked meal by me and a lazy night at home.  Two things we enjoy far less often these days.
The girls 
 Milan trying on Andi's awesome touque/scarf thingy 
Milan making (or building) with her vegetables

NB: Milan recently prefers to be in her diapers only...and scraggily hair.   


Pictures from today:
1. Lola stop by
2. Milan watching us bring frozen food in from the car
3. Kids ecstatic to have their dad home from work
4. Kiddie activity for FHE