Birthday haircut!
Milan's happy 3rd birthday.
  1. A visit from Lola with a Happy Birthday! Princess balloon (that ended up spending the whole day with us wherever we went).
  2. A visit from Jessica and kids with an M&M birthday cookie from Primary.
  3. Phone calls and messages from family.
  4. A complimentary birthday haircut at Hair Do Zoo.
  5. Dinner at Moxie's with Lola and a little gift from me and James.


Taking the River Spirit Water Bus from The Forks to The Exchange, then back to The Forks again.


A very hot day at home.
It was so hot that by the afternoon, the kids had stripped themselves down to their undies/pampers.
30 weeks.
Milan putting stickers on and taking stickers off of the baby belly.


We took a nice little walk in our neighbourhood this morning. Because of the demands of being in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, we didn't go far and didn't stay out long. But we did take our time to enjoy everything around us: the people, the weather, and nature.

Milan fell as we were crossing the street. In Moulé, the workers helped clean her up and gave her a couple of bandaids for her scrapes.

Treasures: a bright pink penguin eraser from Moulé (given to her by one of the workers) and an equally bright pink flower she sneakily picked out of someone's front garden.

Milan: "The ground is so broken, Mommy."

The leaves are starting to change colours and fall off the trees, which means summer is almost over and autumn is on its way.

The streets in our neighbourhood are lined with beautiful old elm trees but we sometimes sadly lose some of them. We've already lost one in our front yard and James often mentions that he worries that a couple more will need to be chopped down.

Coming home through the back and daydreaming about playing and relaxing on a finished deck.


The way to our kids' hearts is through their stomachs.
Every time Lola comes over, she brings goodies from the Asian market and the kids love it. They were recently lucky enough to experience Goldilocks polvoron (not sure if you can get the brand here) made fresh and brought straight from the Philippines by my Tita Pita and Tito June who just came back from their trip.


Vintage in the Village (Osborne) and Value Village on Pembina.


Our 3 days in Lorette with Alexis and Anders.


Shopping Osborne Village as a family. Pictures were taken at Dream Closet, Music Trader, For The People, and American Apparel.


A birthday at Tinkertown.
(Julien with the birthday girl, La Toya!)


Met up with James and Sherri for lunch at Yellow Dog Tavern in The Exchange.
(I got the Thai Peanut Wrap with their House Salad. SO GOOD.)