1. Lounging at home.
  2. Match-y, match-y.
  3. Vintage puzzles at the grandparents'.
  4. At their doctor's appointment right after Julien's routine shots.
  5. A Value Village visit.
  6. Waiting for Daddy.
  7. Playing with their new vintage toys (brought up from the basement).
  8. Baby grandpa loafers.
  9. At Andres & Krystle's wedding reception.
  10. Another baby belly shot.
  11. Some water fun at a spray pad nearby.
  12. Playing in a kiddie tunnel.
  13. Sitting on a swing after a swim.
  14. Making prints in the sand.
  15. Coming home.
  16. Milan feeding her babies blueberries. 


Just can't seem to help ourselves. Another late night family grocery run. 


More backyard fun at Grandma and Grandpa's. We went out a bit later in the evening today for some outdoor play and relaxation. Milan made sure to include her "baby" in all of the fun. He got to go down the slide on his own with Milan sliding down right after.    


Playing in Grandma and Grandpa's kiddie pool.


Last year, James gave me a Beirut record for my birthday. This year, he gifted me tickets to see Beirut in concert for Mother's Day.

Tonight was the perfect evening for a concert. We parked downtown and walked to the Burton Cummings Theatre. On the way, we stopped off for some Smoke's poutine, which happened to be right in the middle of the Fringe Festival with lots of shops, people, and a live outdoor act on the stage. 

The concert itself was so goooood. And hot. The theatre wasn't air conditioned. You could see the band constantly wiping their faces and their shirts were soaked from sweat by the end of the show. The crowd was also hot. We were randomly offered a few cubes of ice from a girl sitting behind us to help cool ourselves off.

We went home afterwards for some chocolate milkshakes by James, then to Grandma and Grandpa's to be with our kids who were being babysat and spending the night.
What they did this morning:
Milan and Julien quality time with Baby Belly.


A birthday cake with 65 candles for Lola.


Dinner at Olive Garden.
French toast for lunch
Playing with the iPhone
Milan found changing her baby's diaper


Dropping off door hangers for Winnipeg Harvest for FHE.  Kids stayed home with Lola.
After about 45 minutes, I had to quit and join them while James stayed out for an extra couple of hours to get more done on his own.
Hanging out with Alexis and Anders.


1. Sometimes kiddie play ends up in a part of the house where either James and I happen to be.  This time it was in the kitchen.

2. Milan playing with a To Do list written on a toilet paper roll.  We seemed to have accumulated too many to keep up with.

3. A piggy back Costco trip with Sarah and Norman (we don't have cards of our own).

4. Hugging my kids who just wanted to be cuddled at the end of the day.
Early afternoon playtime at a nearby wading pool and playground.


1. Considering holding off on our dining room table plans of refinishing and painting the surface a glossy white.

2. & 3. The Melissa & Doug Bear Puzzle has finally made its way from the basement to the main floor.   It has now become Milan's favourite toy.

4. Hung out at St. Vital Centre in the evening for some out-of-the-house activities away from the heat.

5. Milan's craft for James found proudly displayed on the mantel when we came home.


House warming and 50th birthday dinner for Tita Lilia.


Sunday evening walk as a family.


Hanging out at the Central Park spray pad and wading pool in the late afternoon.  The Hip Hop and R&B station Streetz 104.7 was having some live thing nearby so we were able to enjoy that as our background music as well.