Canada Day weekend Street Celebration in Osborne Village. There was shopping, live music, food, and the hot sun.
Tim Hortons' Iced Lemonades for $1 to help us cool off from the heat.

Then spent some time at The Forks' newly opened spray pad and playground.


22 Weeks.
Official due date: October 31st.
Our 2nd holiday due date (Adam was due on Valentine's Day).
Julien's haircut.
Matching toes.


Road trip home.
  • visited with Tom and Laurie and kids
  • stayed the night in Pense, quick Oma and family visit in the morning, then church
  • lunch at Carlo & Gicela's


Getting the kids together for one last group photo
before heading back home.


Some of my favourite moments were in the mornings as each baby and adult woke up and made their way to the main floor.   
Our Edmonton trip in one post:
1. Attending a big ward for the first time, then taking family pictures in front of the Edmonton temple after church.
2. Playing at a nearby playground.
3. Spending quite a bit of time eating and chatting at the Gama Store on Whyte Avenue. Almost felt like home.
4. Milan imposing on a Chinese chess game.
5. Shopping on Whyte Ave.
6. Group picture at Edmonton Mall's World Waterpark.
7. Taking a break after hours of water play. Milan turned out to absolutely love all of it (just like her dad).
8. Taking the kids on some free rides at Galaxyland. Even baby Lincoln needed a stamp on his chubby arm for admission.
9. The kids almost deciding on the car for this particular ride. Jenny said it was the longest she'd seen the ride take to start due to the kids switching in and out of different vehicles.
10. Attending a ward picnic.
11. Julien tackling the rocket slide on his own over and over again.
12. James exploring downtown Edmonton with Milan & Julien while the rest of us checked out the free stuff event at the Reuse Centre in the neighbourhood.
13. Julien and Tadeo running from the sporadic water sprays at a spray park.
14. A delicious BBQ dinner at the park hosted by Jenny and Robert.


Pense and Saskatoon.
Pense: blueberries, grapes, and panini buns in the backyard.
Saskatoon: lunch, Value Village, and a quick Walmart errand for sippy cups.


 Edmonton Road Trip to Jenny and Robert.  
Couldn't make it out of the city until after 9pm.  Then approximately 20 minutes on the highway Milan threw up and we had to pullover to clean up the mess.  


Playing in the sandbox.  A park activity I usually tried to avoid.    
But seeing how much they love it trumps all of the hassle of leftover sand in diapers and shoes and on our floors afterwards. 
Milan is right on-trend with her new love for owls.  Recently, she's been requesting we do everything owl.


Daddy's shirt.
This one's from a family reunion back in '87.  James was 4 years old.
Daddy's shirt.


Can you see the baby bump?


We've finally joined the minivan club!
Taking our new (to us) ride home!


Milan & Julien Love You This Much

To prep for James' 29th, we made birthday crowns out of toilet paper rolls and traced Milan and Julien's hands for homemade birthday cards (props to Pinterest).  
Working on wooden puzzles in the afternoon.
Julien's puzzle
Milan's puzzle