A trip to the Manitoba Museum.


What We've Been Up To

Manyfest with the McLean Crew (and James' new hair cut and style ).
A flower Milan picked from our front garden | Kids ready 2 hours before church! 
Lee at 10 months | Kira and Milan eating cupcakes | Newborn Jona Lynn 
Beautiful Alexis with newborn Conrad Turner | A built fence means more time in the backyard!
My Baby Lee | Our new fence | Cute Julien
Visiting Grandma Moore | Our awesome Bishopric joining in on a Primary activity | I ♥ Korea shirts from Cho lock


Visiting Oma

A visit to Oma's after church.  The kids loved playing in her backyard and needed to spend quite some time out there before convincing them to come inside to eat.
I can't get over how Oma's table is always so beautiful. I love her style.


Milan's 4th Birthday

A whole afternoon at Tinkertown for rides and cake to celebrate cousin Emily's birthday.  
Then at home where we were surprised with a homemade nanaimo cake from Tito Norman and Tita Sarah.