Julien's first word: night-night


Julien has finally decided that he likes to walk!  He's still a little wobbly but he definitely prefers walking over crawling as of today.
Out with Alexis on Osbourne: Bangkok Thai Restaurant and Starbucks.
Amazing Lettuce Wraps!
Peppermint Hot Chocolates and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies (also amazing!).


A couple of my favourite kiddie activities:
Reading.  This was when the house was oh, so quiet earlier this morning.  Julien was napping and Milan and I were reading independently.  All you could hear were the sounds of her opening the flaps of her peek-a-boo counting book, the occasional car outside, and the pages of my novel being turned.     
Music time.  The kids and I often fight over the rainbow xylophone.  My favourite songs to play on it are from The Sound of Music but Milan often requests The A.B.C. song.  We also have a mini baby grand piano that the children love to play.     


He's left-handed!


Milan and her Mini Mouse balloon were inseparable for 2 days until we found it one morning more than half deflated and on the ground.  Before throwing it out, James inhaled the last bit of helium left and asked Milan funny questions in the classic chipmunk-y voice. She loved it.


Emily's 2nd birthday party:
"Happy Feet 2" and Pizza Hut!
I love my calling.

A couple of CTRs, Abby and Nathan, joined my one Sunbeam, Darta, for Sunday School today.  For our activity we finished the puppets from Sharing Time and the kids decided to hold an impromptu puppet show.  


A guilty treat: KFC's Toonie Tuesday (with rice - true Filipino style).


Playing way past all of our bedtimes.
It's crazy how irrelevant gravity is to babies this age. We had to save Julien several times from speed crawling off the bed. Also, Milan sure does have a sensitive gag reflex. There were a few times where she stopped and threw up a little in her mouth from all of the bouncing.


Darta and Milan.
Milan cried during the last part of her nursery time and was brought to my Sunbeam class. She missed the lesson but was just in time for our last activity. Darta seemed to have really enjoyed being the big sister in class.


Visited new babies Theo and Lincoln over the weekend but ended up with pictures of just the girls (and Norman). 


Playing together always starts with laughter but often ends with at least one of them crying.


Potty training in progress.
Round 1: after desperately searching for various potty training ideas on-line, I tried a mixture of things such as keeping the girl naked or bottomless, taking her to the potty every now and then and having her sit on it for who knows how long.  We read potty books while she sat and watched her favourite shows.  All of this lasted 5 days and Round 2 started approximately 1 week later.  



Milan and Ava at Alexis' baby shower.


Joint YM's activity: rock climbing.