Andi: a polar bear | Milan: a purple dragon | Mya: a monkey | Ezra: Michael Jackson | Lincoln: a skeleton | Julien: an alligator/crocodile.


Edrien & Erly's Halloween party last night.
The kids dancing to PSY's "Gangnam Style". Not entirely sure what Julien is doing but he kept going back to little Avery for some sort of stare down.


As a part of prepping for baby, we've recently swapped the toddler bed for the single. The kids both sleep in it and love it, though Julien has fallen off of it twice. Luckily, we've been strategically placing the animal pillows beside the bed to cushion his fall.
Julien loves his cars but sometimes gets caught playing with his sister's girlier toys. He put the bunny ears on himself. 
Organizing my favourite and most useful newborn things to pack for the hospital. Our due date is only days away!


A fun "outfit post" of what the kids wore today. They looked so cute and put together that I couldn't resist. 


Stake Conference Sunday at Sarah and Norman's.
  1. Cuddling on the couch.
  2. Skyping with Sherri, Sarah & Andrew, and Marvin (left).
  3. Lola caught fallen asleep after lunch (right).
  4. The boys washing dishes.


Family Home Evening Glow Bowling.


Loved watching the kids follow along in their pj's as their Auntie Christine led them in some kiddie exercises before bedtime.


Family Thanksgiving dinner at the cottage. 


Julien showing off his new trick to us last night. We knew this day would come with him. He's the first of our children to ever attempt this.

We had tucked the two kids into the toddler bed but found that Milan had made her way onto the giraffe pillow on the floor (as per usual) with Julien following after her this time.