Adam Lee

Adam is our firstborn child who passed away in 2009 six days after his second birthday.  It was very sudden. He was an only child at the time.

We refrain from saying much about our grieving on our blog as it is personal and we prefer to keep it private.  This is just our personal preference. However, we do speak openly about Adam with family, especially with our children, and friends and anyone else when it comes up.  Our time with him was filled with such happy and fun moments big and small.  It's impossible not to reminisce and share. And the loss is so severe, it is unhealthy to keep it in.

We hold our memories of Adam close and feel blessed to see bits and pieces of his personality and features in each other and in our other children.

As we settle in back home, we're confronted with new forms of emotions of grief while feeling happy and excited to make new memories with our children in the same places our memories with Adam took place.