Cheese strings! I was so very happy to have recently rediscovered these! And I love that the kids (mostly Milan) enjoy eating them as much as I do. 


More bits + pieces of our holidays.
falling asleep with his cars | annual John + Laura holiday brunch | LUSH eyeliners 
Lola kisses | trying to remember how to play | playing in Lola's green tent
"giddyup!" | family mix-up | Baby Lee
Wii family dance off
toasted pandesal after a night of throwing up | family sleepover | MUFE metal powders
Frogurt! | cheapie Safeway movie rental ("Brave") with family | Ikea Winnipeg


Toys"R"Us gift card. 

After over an hour of walking up and down aisles and aisles of toys for girls, and a bit of wandering off to the boys' section (James), we finally came out with a cute little gift for Milan. It is the perfect combination of pink and treats. Two things that she's very into at the moment.


A few bits + pieces of the holidays so far.
Stickygram gifts (use code friendfzdp to get $2 off) | an outfit | shopping w/ Sherri and feeding Lee at Rhymes With Orange
our Christmas Nativity set | the mini tree sans ornaments | our Christmas playlist 
snowflake decorations | the kids' stockings | practicing their snow angels
family photo shoot outtake | Sarah's birthday cake | playing in the snow 
new Jets hoodie | my go-to hair for the holidays | getting them together for a picture 
Advent calendar catch-up | metallic pink + sparkle nails by James | Lee loving to be held
"best $1.35 x 2 ever spent" -Auntie Cathy | DIY cheese grater earring organizer | Baby Lee



Sophia's cookie decorating party.
Annie's decorated cookie | kids decorating | adults turn to decorate | chillin' on the couch | James' Spiderman cookie | Andrew making fried ice cream | Annie & Lee | the kids | Norman & Julien


A trick that Julien has been working on for a while.


1st paediatrician appointment | sibling love | crowded time-out
sleep routine | rainbow wall | the "tent" game
love the Moby Wrap | pretty Mila | playing make-believe
reading together | funny faces | dalmatian print
all-in-one cloth diapers | Santa visit | "rawwr!"
Office Christmas party | Grandpa's iPad | Talking Tom


Last week, Sophia took a few photos of me and the kids around the home for a school project. I love them :)


Celebrating 2nd Advent with the family. 


Baby Lee's blessing day.