Afternoon activity: drawing and colouring, and then stickers on eggs.
Milan is starting to need a lot more at home than just her regular toys and books (and occasional t.v. programs).  I now have to remind myself to keep empty toilet paper rolls and empty egg cartons, look out for any kind of kiddie craft sales, and start making use of my "For The Kids" board on Pinterest.  

Julien continues on with his developing curiosity and adventurous self.  He'll play along with us for as long as he can stand, then he'll independently move onto his favourite books, toys and stuffed animals, and maybe climb onto some furniture to look out the windows, and probably sing bits of The Itsy Bitsy Spider song (but loves it more when we sing along with or to him).  He's also come up with his own baby talk where he happily yells and babbles sentences to us, which include gentle and perfect intonations, but can also have English words and signs (finally!) such as 'night 'night, milk, dog, eat, and airplane.

They both seem so little but are growing up so fast.