1. "Cliff Beach"
2. James taking Milan down the sandy cliff
3. Milan and Auntie Cathy Sunday evening
4. Lighting a couple of sky lanterns 
5. One was for family members who have passed on and the other was for family members still living
6. Julien climbing on our bed Monday morning
7. The boys playing in the sunroom after a waffle breakfast
8. "Hillside Beach"
9. Cutie-pie Emily
10. Grandpa with the kiddos underneath the sun tent
11. The cousins playing in the man made "sand bath"
12. Relaxing on the beach after getting a couple of swims in (and unknowingly getting a little sunburned)
13. Auntie Susie cuddling Milan to sleep (with Ezra asleep beside them)
14. James' cup for the weekend
15. Hanging out in the veranda after a long beach day
16. Oma and Milan at the lakefront