Thursday, January 17, 2013.

A day at home. 

I wake up to two little ones beside me. One because of a cold, the other because of a feeding. Seeing her bassinet so close by and empty is sometimes a little funny to me. It's rare that I'm the first to wake up so I enjoy the bit of time I have to stay in bed and enjoy the details of our room (this is how I started taking pictures on this day). I love how the sun comes in, I like our stuff, but I never realized how bare I've kept our walls.

I get up and try to plan my day: I hope I can get a shower in today. I seriously need to get to organizing the kids' clothes. Lee is crying and the kids are up and hungry. Which should I do first? I guess I can put off getting ready until later. I decide on the kids and they're already waiting for me by the fridge. I prep the first part of their breakfast for them. When I finally get to Lee, she's leaked through her sleeper and onto our bed. I need to wash the sheets too. And I pull the sheets part way off to remind myself to do them later. 

After a feeding and breakfast, everyone is taken care of. This time, Lee is good with her naps and gives me windows of time to get things done. Laundry is what I focus on next. The kids play ("It's too bright, Mommy"), watch tv, and hover around me while I do things around the home. I'm getting used to the fact that the simplest things take so much longer with little ones around.

My flow is interrupted with a feeding, a diaper change, and a bit of play time with Lee. She snuggles, and smiles, and  laughs, and coos. I love having a baby this small in the home. Then all three kids take their naps at the same time and I'm lucky enough to get a shower in my day. 

The kids wake up and continue on with their playing and snacking. James arrives home earlier than usual due to a site visit in Prince Albert. Julien is the most happy to see his dad and shows it with a lot of cuddling. It gets dark by 5pm these days and that's when the blinds go up and our evening routine begins.