These are photos taken of the children and James when Sophia was over at our house for one last shoot for her project. This time, James was asked to play with the kids while I took pictures of them. 
It's interesting to see your children mimic your actions and words. Milan has definitely picked up a few of our isms that I never even knew we had. Though we can't be blamed for every adult sounding thing that comes out of them. For a while we would hear Milan say, "Oh my gosh!" with these teenage-like intonations. And we couldn't figure out where she got it from. I found myself searching for instances where I would use that phrase in that way and it just didn't seem like me. And it definitely wasn't James' style of talking either. Then one day, while the kids were watching Treehouse in the living room, I heard it, a little voice on the tv saying, "Oh my gosh!" in the exact same way. Busted. It was a character from this cute show called My Big, Big Friend.

This has also happened to James and I where we find that all of us are saying the same things in the same way and we can't figure out how it started. Did the children get it from us or did we get it from the children? Most of the time, it remains a mystery and we end up sounding like 1-2 year olds while the kids end up sounding like adults.